family pic

family pic

Friday, February 22, 2008

Storie Kate O'Brien

Today is my gorgeous beautiful daughter's birthday and we have discovered that 8 is great! this year was the first year that i felt like i could show storie what being a girl is all about and she would get it and more than that enjoy it. i was more excited than her i think! Storie really didnt want to go to school so naturally i planned a day of pure girl ridiculousness! first stop the nail shop to get our toes done! check out stories gorgeous diamond studded white flower on hot pink nail polish!

then of course shopping and more shopping and then some shopping. then we stopped off for lunch. storie wanted asian food from the panda style place in the mall .... blauck ... doesnt apeal to me so i got salad from next door. we headed back home after a stop off at the floral supply wharehouse to get my work supplies for the evening and a brief rest at home before we met up with my brother joey and nadia at the mayan, stories choice of course! had a fabulous day. storie has on and off requested an amercian doll. these things are overpriced and over rated. what do you do with a doll anyway after the first 15 minutes. i have a hate/love relationhsip with toys that has changed how we do things around here as of late so i just couldnt bring myself to spend the cash. well in the end it paid off, a few weeks ago i found my old american girl molly, purchased her some items and clothing from the american girl site and freshened her up. now its sentimental! we got her a white dress, technically its like another religions holiday dress but when stripped down well it simply looks very baptism like and most of all that is what this birthday is about. cant wait for next week!

what i love about storie ...
1. she made me a mom
2. she is super smart! i cant help her with her homework sometimes!
3. she is really helpful and works her little tiny buttox off here at our house!
4. she loves to read yeah!
5. she understands the sacrafice that she must make for saylor and she is willing!
6. she loves and loves and loves until it hurts!
7. she cares already so deeply about how her friends and others feel and think about her.
8. she knows the gospel 100 times better than i did when i was 8 and she knows what covenants she is making, its not just going through the motions!
9. she is passionate about endeavors!
10. she deserves a volvo (inside family joke) if any of you have seen the volvo commercial with the little girl who talks and talks and talks to her dad, thats storie! at the end it ask ... who would you buy a volvo for? well i wish i could buy one for her!


The O'Briens said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STORIE! Oh we love her to pieces. I LOVE the shopping picture. She is adorable. What a fun day. She has such a great mom!

Sara said...

Darling! Happy Birthday Storie! I love her tiny feet in those big pedicure shoes- what a lucky girl to have such a fun day! I hope to make it to your launch- everything is to die for!