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family pic

Friday, February 8, 2008

old friends ...

this is my old friend jill & her hub jarom. i came across her blog a few weeks back through mutual aquantences (i know i cant spell!). tonight since nate is out of town i find myself with a little bit of catch up time on some blogging and i thought i would check a few blogs so i went to jill's and what do i find ... a link to my blog. its been a really long time since we have seen each other a few years at least and even longer since we have spent any real time together, i am thinking 15 years at least. we live in the same town how pathetic is that. we were friends in our teen years and used to be very close, we went through those rough years together were you make mistakes and your sure you know everything. i have nothing but good memories with jill & miss her gorgeousness in my life. she has turned out some darling kids! check her blog out here.

nate - well nate he is friends with i would say about 90% of his childhood friends still and see's most of them on a regular basis, i see most of them on a regular basis too! and some of them married my friends and those who didnt, well their wives have become my closest friends. whats wrong with me? i seem to drift away. i have few childhood friends that i am still in real friendships with! i guess people just go different ways. here we think men have shallow relationships with their friends but maybe theirs are the deeper stronger ones?

so this got me to thinking about some people we have lost touch with. i thought hey what a blessing this blogging world is, chances are i might find a few if i just google possible blog names. and i did find a few, including the camberlangos.

so this is kim and jay. way back when, i went to von curtis with kim, we became pretty good friends. at the time she was dating jay and jay was friends with nate ... so you can see where this is going. yes its true we have these two to thank for our beautiful lives together! nate and i actually got married a few weeks before they did, we are fast movers i guess. we stayed close for a few years and then our lives took us in very different directions! nate and I kind of got lost in holland when we had Saylor and lost contact with a lot of people including the camberlangos, things got so intense and i was so sick for a while the best we could do was focus on our little family and get through one more day of keeping both saylor and I alive. boy am i glad those days have passed and we made it through! jay if your reading this you should know we named our youngest middle name "jae" (feminine form) not really after you but we can pretend right? hope you all are doing well and that the sun is making you warm, while you enjoy that, nate and i are enjoying way to much snowboarding and loving utah.

so to two of my long lost friends ... my door, my phone and email ( or are always open to you!


Heather said...

I am so glad you found us. I was just thinking the other day I knew you had a blog and I could not remember what it was : )

jill said...

I'm so glad you found my blog when I saw your comment I added you to my friend list, I was so excited to hear from you and see your cute family and all that your doing! It sounds like you are so busy getting a business going and your stuff looks so cute. I would love to come see your stuff and catch up.