family pic

family pic

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Garland H Sutton

my great aunt becky ...

lost her husband this last week after a long beautiful life. i went to california to be with her and my family this week to burry him ... garland hugh sutton 9.8.1919 - 2.4.2008

this ... this is why i went. becky, grieving the loss of her love of life, garland! seeing him in his casket for the first and last time, precious moments caught my a camera. when i was battling whether to go or not a friend of mine told my one thing, it made my decision ... she said "you will never regret going, but you will regret not going." i dont regret going in the least bit and how grateful i am for inspired friends who love me. becky is why i went. i wanted to be there for her. she has been a huge part my life as an extended family member. at all my lifes events ... i needed to be there for her for this life event. if i could narrow down what i have learned from becky & garland it would be down to this one important thing .. family .... reach as far as you can and be a part of all you can. how many great aunts and uncles do you know that well?

checked fresh flowers and supplies on the plain with me ... i just couldnt bare for someone else to do it. for a few years now for me that has been a healing thing as i have said goodbye to a few friends & family. i was so worried that my creativeness would not be appreciates, its more quality than quanitity for me, it always has been. in the end it was my style and i guess thats what i wanted so i had to let go of my concern for all else.

my dad was a pall bearer, this is him laying his flower on the casket. the other is my dad's mother (my grandmother, becky's sister in law) at the graveside, grandma and her nack for fashion even when she is nearly dead! got to love it!

Becky when the flag began to be unfolded this just broke my heart!

I managed to stay relatively emotionally reserved throughout the day until the military breaks out. what is with me, why then? especially after this last week of total frustration with our government. i asked myself that and simply comes down to that i have deep deep gratitude for the freedoms i experience here in this country and even more gratitude for those that have fought for me to have it and those that are still fighting, it really gets me.... every time!

A few details i did not want to forget ... becky holding tight to casket flowers, her wise skin, the pearls and heart necklace she wore.

i had a blast spending time with my dad, glen, grandma, becky, cousins, and family! its sad that this kind of thing is what brings us together, but it is, especially for me! i need to be better about this. ashley you broke my heart with your longing to be home - i have felt that, i know what you were feeling!


The Torgersen's said...

There are no words. I'm so sorry to hear about your Great Uncle. Audrey, you continue to amaze me.

The O'Briens said...

Audrey, you're so sweet! How great that you could be there. The flowers looks amazing and the pictures are pricelss. Sorry to hear for the loss. Love you!