family pic

family pic

Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents day .... our holland anniversary

5 years ago today (presidents day) this is what we were doing.... i was getting jelly smeared all over my belly by a weak and unsure ultrasound tech who quickly escaped our wondering eyes for a real doc. it was apparent to me pretty quickly that something was wrong with saylor, but i had known that all along. Dr glen Schimmer broke the news that saylor had spina bifida, and many other deformities. this ultrasound image capturing those moments in still form is a priceless posession of ours, a ticket to holland, one we would never ever trade for any other place anywhere in the galaxy! i am just so grateful that we were sent a "perfect" one and that 5 years later she is still a perfect part of our lives. no doubt, this is a life for all of us in this little family that is challenging, but we are still up to it!

what lies ahead of you, and what lies behind you, are nothing compared to what lies within you!
author unkown!


The O'Briens said...

wow! Lots has happened since then! We love Saylor! That's really neat that you guys aren the paper. My mom called me this morning to make sure I knew! Love you guys.

The Torgersen's said...

So what and where is "Holland"? Is it a suburb somewhere in Utah? I am lost. We are coming to Utah on Thursday and I will be in the Provo area sometime next week. I'd like to stop by if you guys will be around. E-mail me and let me know.

Sarah said...

I've read the Holland story, and thought it was a beautiful way to express the joys and sorrows of having a disabled child.

Thanks for sharing this little bit of your story.

Rebekah said...

Hi Audrey-

I'd love to hear more about the ticket to Holland too.

I always assumed you guys had been to Holland (you know the actual Netherlands) and really liked it there or something.

Obviously I'm wrong.

Next time we talk, tell me about it.