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family pic

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


so for the most part most of the furniture we are ridding ourselves of is gone. and a big majority of the house is packed. of course i still have the major rooms like the kitchen & my studio to conquer but in due time of course. we are thinking storage unit moving this weekend. my house is feeling less and less like my house as i take the steps to say goodbye. such a bitter sweet feeling. i wish i had a house on the other side of this all ... one that excites me. but i simply dont and so for now, for the time being the patience i have grown needs to get me through and perhaps i need to grow a bit more .... like say a whole crop of it. i am looking for the way ... the way that feels right and i havent found the way or the place yet. but i hope i will know ... like really know when i get there. i had this profound realization this morning ... i realized that i am in a moment, one of those moments. you know the ones. you never forget. the ones you look back on and can suddenly see ginormous growth in. the ones that just stretch you like armstrong! i am in it. and all i have to say is hmmmmmmmm

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Anonymous said...

Oh I here you there! It will all work out in the end, right?! ;-) I still think you should get a house by me! (Tamra)