family pic

family pic

Friday, May 22, 2009

house is "officially" purchased

so SHAG is mine! we closed yesterday ... it should have felt better then it did i am so distracted by so many things and so overwhelmed and stressed its hard to feel the way i want to, or should. but i will say that was the easiest home purchase of my life (and i have done a few!!!!) and it went so smooth and seriously closed one week after we made the offer. thats ONE week folks! unheard of! a big shout out and thanks to KEVON with INOUYE APPRAISAL & TODD TELFORD with prudential, and most of all CHARLES GREEN with SECURITY HOME MORTGAGE. all 3 of these guys rock and i will never do another real estate transaction without them EVER!

so whats next? well this weekend we will move a good amount of stuff we need for renno and a few other things to the new house. brother is getting married tomorrow and you know what that means for me .... right ... ok so busy busy. maybe monday we will finish up the move the good old grandma murphs! good thing its just down the street from our new house and i am excited about the convenience. i am sure we will merely be sleeping at grandmas while we work work much to do so little time.

speaking in church this sunday also, saying goodbye with a bbq (i hope) and accepting change.

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The Manwaring Family said...

Congrats Audrey!!! How funny, its a small world. Todd Telford lives in our neighborhood and is in our ward. Who knew? lol