family pic

family pic

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

house is "officially" sold

so the house we built together is officially sold. does not belong to us any longer. closed today. so its a done deal folks not matter what we are out a here. i am starting to be sad and mourn a little. things are so crazy intense with weddings and surgeries and moving etc... i hardly have the time to breath though so those mourning moments are few and far between, but they are there, little twings of ache. so we are hoping to close tomorrow on our new property. however it wont fund till mid next week because the sellers need to close before it can fund and its like a bunch of kids who inherited their dead parents house and one of them lives in holland ... yep holland. kind of complicates things! but we will go ahead and close our deal on it tomorrow. looks like i will be at grannies soon ... any visitors?

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Sarah said...

So sad. But yet happier days in this great new house you are going to have! I think your new house is AWESOME! I love the fixtures as well, but the brick wall in the kitchen is so COOL! Good find! I know you will make it so nice and just feel like home sweet home.