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family pic

Friday, May 8, 2009

the one that got away

the saga continues and its nothing short of a saga for sho! so this is how its all been going down. day after little white house on 200 north fell through i pulled myself together for a viewing of a few more homes with our agent todd. one of which was one i have had my eye on for some time but have neglected to respond to promptings about (yes there is a hard lesson at the end of this ...) i had even sent the listing to todd to get me more info on and he had determined that it likely would not work for our family. so i decided to not pursue it any heavier until this point of total desperation for something. He called on the property on wed and learned that an offer had been presented. he encouraged me to go look on wed and not wait till thur morning but i just couldnt do it because i was working on an event. so we went out thur morning with the understanding the agents would not put the house under contract until after we viewed the home and checked in with them. and guess what ... i fell in LOVE. wanted it so baaaaad. but when todd called the listing agent .... yep you guessed it under contract. so now i felt even more down in the dumps ... but there were a few more to view and nate was joining us at lunch and so the day carried on, all the while i was sick to my stomach about not following my gut!!!!! now my gut was dragging me a long ...

so we found a cute fixer later in the afternoon that had potential and could work in PG and decided that we could make an offer and that a certain number being that the house would be worth it. we asked them to respond by today at 11 just with the rush of time crunch we were in as far as getting something closed around the time we close our exisiting home. well they totally did not respond by 11 and when they finally did they countered back higher then their asking price .... WHAT THE? i seriously dont get this whole real estate game! the agents are shady and so is the system! so that deal went down the tubes right there in that moment.

so we are back to scratch. with nothing in the playing field for options. we have scowered the mls and the county as well as even into the slc regions we would be willing to consider. we have driven a many hundereds of miles on several days with screaming kids in the back just looking and looking and looking. and to no avail. so .... it looks like nate and i really do need to resign to just getting our hind ends out of this big one, into my grandmas for a temporary retreat and also into a storage unit.

still the same i am sadly disappointed with this weeks happenings.

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