family pic

family pic

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ok peeps been a while since i posted. ok not too long. last friday. so this is what has happened since. i got very sick. did a workshop and brothers wedding flowers and linens. worked my little tale off only to be out shined by horrible greek columns and fake greenery that really should not have been there and a serious miscommunication on linens. but i will say the linens & flowers looked fab and i got to use some of my fav flowers english garden roses, and my intern was the bomb. i did not get to be at anything more then my brothers sealling because i was toooooo sick. body gave out on me. and this was a HUGE bummer because of all my siblings i am more close to joey and even more then that i am beyond words proud of the kid! i am attaching a pic just one ... more to come. courtesy of Jessie Alexis photography.

nate triumphantly moved all construction supplies, garden/yard para, and the TRAMP!

then sunday came ... supposed to be day of rest. nope day of boxing and speaking in church and saying goodbye and crying non stop. fun farwell get together with priceless friends. made it all that much harder.

monday came .. final moving day. what i realized was i did not put enough in storage and my ideas of camping were way too extravagant. kicking myself in the bum! thanks to so many boys that worship nate and great neighbors and really really good friends the day went smoothly and fast. i ended up seeking serious medical treatment when i realized i could not breath. saturation rate was only 76% but a breathing treatment a new inhaler, some new meds sent me on my way. then finish up a move and some serious unpacking. This could not have been accomplished without the kind efforts of tammy brunst & amy fox who pretty much was me (nate's other wife & my other wife! lol) and then a little more then me. i cant do what either of these women do in one day in a week of my time! they are the most amazing and generous people i know!

then tuesday came with its final goodbyes and house cleaning. another long hard day of work. thanks to so many who showed up to help clean (including the two extra wives) and then those who helped me through it all! thanks to heidi, carol, and nita for the icecream send off! and more!

today was busy also with mowing grandmas lawn, actually making a dinner, skool, swim team, flower arrival, work prep, laundry, bank, grocery, and finally this stop off to use my moms internet. i am still internet - less. dont like it! at all! soon peeps i will be back on full time

both houses are funded and paid and now we are starting to work and get ready for surgery. never ever a dull moment! email me or post a comment if you would like a new mailing address! :)

ok i am editing on may 28th may 27th post. here i went on and on about all this house stuff and moving and being sick and surgery and and and AND IT WAS MY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! can you believe that! 11 YEARS BABY!

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