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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

house update

so real estate is such a roller coaster ... does it go smooth for anyone? is this just my curse?

ok so here it is on this current home we live in. inspection and appraisal are both done and in the bag. things are cool and looks like we are definately moving and appears to be that it will close no problems. buyers are as solid as they come! yipeee....

on what we thought was the "perfect" home for us not so good. so basically we made that offer, the bank countered and as you have read before we accepted that counter and all their terms. so techinically under contract right? no sir! so how this particular bank works was a nightmare and it wasnt under contract until they officially signed off on their own counter we signed back to them. well they never signed it because in the last two days 4 more offers came in on the house. so they resended their counter to us and basically said bid it out all you folks, the house goes to the highest bidder. well we arent willing to pay anything above what we had agreed to. so we are backing out of the fight. the house is not worth it and needs to much work to go any higher. bummer deal. made me sad and kind of put a damper on the day. i have total faith that things work out the way they are supposed to in my life as long as i live rightously. and so .... the gentle hand of my father is guiding the situation and i am cool with that. that all being said i am little concerned about finding something that i like as much still in our price range and meeting so many of my standards ... and so the journey continues. prayers are appreciated :)

for now peeps anything we havent sold will stay with us until we know where we are going and what will fit in that house that someday will be ours. we do like our stuff you know. so sorry but its hold off time. and as for those that have gotten some of our stuff .... stop right now and dont feel guilty in the least bit! we feel burdens lifted for having let go of it. there was strategy behind it all we let go of what we knew we didnt want to keep no matter what first! we are downsizing you know!


the said...

audrey I think that the house where the Mansfields lived is going to go up for Sale. You guys should buy it and come and live in the cul-de-sac of FUN!

Natalie said...

Sorry Audrey. I can totally relate though to the nightmare experience of buying a home. Nothing ever goes as planned. I can't even remember how many other homes we put offers on before this one. But now that we're in it, I can't how any of the other ones could have been as perfect as this one has been. I'm glad you know that the Lord is directing you to the right place. Good luck with the limbo part though :) That's never fun even if you do have faith and trust :)

jamie lyn said...

ugh...! that's not how i was expecting it to go! oh, well! i'm sure something better will come along... maybe something better, in cedar hills. :)

Jessie said...

Oh how I can relate to the nightmare of home buying. Jason and I have made a total of 4 offers in the past year and had all but one accepted and somehow we're still without a home. Things will work out, they always do.