family pic

family pic

Sunday, May 31, 2009

swim team, internet, and surgery prep

so no pics today so sorry. it makes posts so boring doesnt it! and there has been some MAJOR demo on the house so pics would have been cool. i hate to say i doubt those will post to entertain you for several more weeks .... patience iago.

so we have internet back and both at our new house and at granny's. so we are back in the game. life is settling as much as seems possible for our temporary medical and construction filled experience. demo on the house is going well. the master bath is 100% demoed and the master bedroom is almost all demoed. the hall bath is also almost there. goodbye pink fixtures. the pink carpet in the hall bathroom around the toilet was perhaps the most disgusting thing i have ever in my life. its probably the most disgusting thing nate has ever experienced ... well ok maybe in the top 10.

we also went to our new ward today. its at 9am so no sleepin in but great afternoon nap time. going to a new ward is always strange. imagine having a child that procurs lost of questions and concerns for strangers. its complicated. but in all honesty the kids had a great time and adjusted fast and well. i was surprised at just how many kids are in this ward and i think the primary might even be bigger then our last ward. the bishop is amazing and we really liked him. i think we will fit in and settle in just fine. its an affluent ward full of well known peeps. sometimes in life you feel a connection to someone and you arent sure why it doesnt seem to make sense. well a few wards back and a few houses nate & became friends with one of the young men nate served. his family moved to provo and he grew up and got married and we attended his wedding and we adore him but see him very rarely, still yet feel a strong connection. we walked into church today and there he was with his cute young wife. life is funny that way. he is the only person we previously knew in our ward.

so for the past few weeks i have been dealing with the inconvenience of swimming lessons in the afternoon for stock every single day in preperation for swim team tryouts. something nate determined would be good for the young athlete he is breading. that was like the worst two weeks of my life to throw that into and often times i wondered if it was even worth it. we arent much of a swimming family and he didnt seem to be catching on to me so i worried these expensive one on one lessons were for nothing. tryouts were yesterday and low n behold the kid made it! i am not sure how i feel about this now knowing that there is no summer break for me and the kids, no sleeping in. swim team is at 8:30 every morning and yes you say car pool etc.... i say no we are the furtherst away out here in good old provo, swim team is at PG pool so we must head out the door at 8am every single day. i think this will be a great thing for him and it will make us more productive over the summer to be up so early but i cant help but find a few things to whine about, oh i am such a murmer - er. oh i try not to be.

so surgery is fast approaching and we are all feeling the intensity of that realization. saylor is starting to be very scared and express feelings and its just back to that all knowing heart wrenching very physical thing. today starts her clear liquid diet. its just been such a whirlwind this last few weeks that i can barely comprehend and wrap my hands, fingers, or brain around whats going on. i realize the impact must be that much harsher for my darling children. they are so strong and amazing. and saylor just cannot be described by words. tonight nate will give her a blessing. tomorrow is our last day together tuesday she gets admitted to PCMC early in the morn for a long long day of NG tubes, pic lines, and nasty go lightly. then wed morning is surgery (2 procedures).

so its time once again to ask that you keep us in your prayers. to send good vibes, to come visit if you want and drop off all old magazines, food and treats! of course tue and wed we will ask that you let us do our thing and that you check the blog for updates.

so like i said no house pics as we switch gears to medical trauma for a bit. non the less never a dull moment.


Engrained Emotions said...

Audrey, what a overload of information. I am happy for the changes in your world, new house, new ward, new and old friends...etc

I have my fingers, legs and toes crossed while sending good, positive, warm and healing thoughts your way.

If it works out for you and my crazy schedule, maybe I will stop by PCMC and we can catch up.

Love you

Shari said...

Remember, I work at the U, so if you need someone to come help, give me a ring! 585-1009 is my direct line at work. Takes less than 5 min to walk over.

The Manwaring Family said...

Audrey---your family is in our prayers! I hope all goes well with your sweet Saylor. Please let us know your current address. We would love to drop of a treat or even dinner if you want. Just name the night!


The O'Briens said...

We love you guys. Sweet house! Can't wait to see it in real life. And see all new things. That's exciting. Good luck to Saylor and you all with surgery. We are thinking of you guys are praying our guts out!

Sara said...

wow, i had a lot of catching up to do! you sold your house, bought a new one, busy with the kids and family...i'm praying things go smoothly with all you have coming up. your new home looks rad, you will make it even better adding all your audrey touches! have fun with the wallpaper...i feel ya girl:)