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family pic

Monday, May 4, 2009

more items 4 sale

so peeps here are a few more items. this is what needs to leave this house this week. so the deal is i am offering it to all i know first. if not spoken for in the next 24 hours it goes KSL and we all know what happens there! and the deal is you have to come get it this week! if not like tomorrow!

there may be some additions of more things at the end of the week and for sure more next week including the TV that everyone seems so interested in ... how can i not increase the price here people ... its for a good cause! so the first to pay the most gets it so start biding now! (price starts at $100) its a 42 incher hitachi flat screen old school flat screen man technology moves fast. its not the kind that hangs on the wall people. and i want to keep it till about the 20th.

first there is this little horsy ... rocking horsy. he is so cute, too cute for the DI pile so he is FREE just email me!

my beloved vintage pottery barn couch table ... $75

HUGE armoir pretty much like new condition. has TV/wire holes drilled in back. $300

cute rug in good condition ... 8'8' square $75

air hockey baby! includes paddles and discs $100

what is this you ask? well this old skool 70's vintage kitchen table buried under stuff in my garage needs to go. wasnt saylor so nice to vanna white this? on a scooter no less. anyhow $25

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