family pic

family pic

Thursday, June 4, 2009

24 hours post op

still not in the mood for pics. sorry. this has been a strange trip but more then anything i am just letting myself be ok with what i feel, when i feel it and how i want to deal with it.

so saylor is now almost exactly 24 hours post op. its been an ok 24 hours. she is being quiet anry and mean with little patience for anything and sort of falls apart at the slightest wrong look or gesture. she also broke out in a butterfly rash today that had me pretty nervous. obviously an allergic reaction so we added benadryl to the cocktails. and she seems to be doing a little better with all that. we did get in the wagon and went on a venture to the playroom that more resulted in just another place to be anry. short lived. still medically she is doing pretty well and is on track so far. tomorrow will be a big test with the first flushing of the MACE.

the exciting things of the day .... first we had Jillian as a nurse for the 3rd day in a row and we ADORE her. nurses make all the difference and she is a big part of the reason things have been so pleasant.

2nd my sister stopped by with lunch and since i was alone this was a delightful treat. she also brought me a most needed diet coke! some cute presents for saylor to look forward to using and more importantly a great conversation and some bonding.

3rd ireland and her mom stopped by. man that girl is a ray of sunshine! daaaaaling! while ireland was here elliot the labradoodle stopped by and that was more fun for my sister and ireland then for saylor.

4th my cousin nat stopped by and we to had a great talk and some bonding time also

5th i am getting some work done! yeah!

6th a good friend who is the best cake woman in the whole world stopped by with cupcakes to curb my sugar craving and they are yummy! what great friends i have!

7th last but not least the kids came for a visit and that was basically the first time i have seen saylor smile in days. seeing the very real bond in the middle of crisis is so sweet its so priceless. they are all so attached. saylor did NOT want them to leave and all day she has just wanted people to leave.

she is eating and seems to be holding it down and processing it well. great things. i hope to take her for a short walk in her walker in a little bit.


Danny and Jessica Matson said...

YOu guys are sooo strong. I don't know how you do it. You are in are prayers. Hope all goes more smoothly. Love ya, Jessica Matson

Engrained Emotions said...

sending thoughts of love and peace to you and saylor. Love you both.