family pic

family pic

Sunday, June 14, 2009

mailboxes & front doors

so the update for this week on fam is this ... no one else (yet, knock on wood) received the horrible stomach virus i was so fortunate to obtain. saylor is still doing well slowly but surely. that being said she is still very sore and stiff and moving a slow pace. also flushing her chait tube every night is proving to be a painful process. she got used to her old treatments after about a week so expected about the same but that doesnt seem to be so. it has me a little worried but the truth of the matter is that she just had abdominal surgery so perhaps two weeks should be allowed .. jk lol i will give her as long as it takes. other kids are doing great and just being the strong kids they have always been.

we went to the movie UP this weekend.

i swear i am not prego my ego but cried through A LOT of this movie and i am not afraid to say it! i was so touched by the sweet life and love between the fredricksons. what a beautiful film about love. may be the most enjoyed cartoon for me in years!

I have to say i attribute much of my success for the week to my good friend amy, who carried much of my weight and burdens this week by keeping my chin up and bringing in meals every night. by small things bring about great things! thanks Amy!

and onto the house update ... well first off this is not the first time we have done a full reno, and even more extensive we have built but i just cant seem to remember the demo being so hard or taking so long. we are still in those stages but we are making progress. isnt it supposed to be easier to tear something down? all the wallpaper pealing oh oh oh. i HATE wallpaper. more and more with every puddy knife scrape. and then there is the taking up of all the tack strip and nails, staples in the floor. just a lot of work. that all being said i would say we are about half way done with demo and we are definately settling into construction mode. yes its a mode we have as a family. nate starts to eat 3 times more then he usually does because he is burning so many calories and is always hungry. he works all day and all night and i join him for much of it. we do it together, we get dirty, sore, and hurt together while we make decisions, disagree etc... but it feels good. the kids get dirty with us and this time around storie and stock are helping a bit. saylor lays on blankets and towells and watches movies on the computer or plays dolls.

we are starting to do some shopping. why are mailboxes so $$$? and front doors???? anyhow this is what i want but doubt ill get. i did find the perfect tile so check that off the list but to be honest shopping hasnt been fun when i just cant find what i have in mind.

i promise the coming week will supply you with "real" eye candy of the project!


littlefox said...

Audrey, Thanks for the shout out. My family really enjoyed home cooked meals every night too. I miss my excuse to check in daily! I love that door! BUY IT!

Jessie said...

If you need help peeling off any more wallpaper, I love love love peeling wallpaper. I know it sounds so strange, but I find it so enjoyable. And I agree, that door is amazing!

The O'Briens said...

I feel the pain in the house area. Just be glad you don't have to live in it while doing it and have your life still in boxes in your garage. AHHHH!!!! So...share the love and tell me where you getting all your good finds. I'm serious. I for sure need some help in that department. We miss and love you guys. Give Saylor, Stock and Storie a big squeeze. Happy Birthday to Stockton!!!

The Fraser's said...

Are you going for a San Fran/Seattle style contemp house? I can see that style is in you...I love it too. Don't mind me...I am here for your playlist as I clean and websurf. Love ya!