family pic

family pic

Saturday, June 6, 2009

home ... or something like that

ABSURD i know. what is this? i found this picture while searching furniture out of boredom on ksl. its possibly one of the most absurd things i have ever seen. who would buy this??? ok i do know a few peeps who would and i love them but sometimes lets be honest your absurd if you seriously want & desire this ridiculous chair. it belongs in a hookers lounge. what a waist of resources!

so we are home, or something like it. we dont really have a home right now, other then just each other. gratefully we have somewhere to stay! grandmas is getting comfy but its just not home. nate & i agree that we need to come up with a name for this place other then grandmas and other then home. we are thinking Lo's. my grandmas name was Loneta so i think its suiting. its also been a really stressful, maybe even kind of LOW time in our lives. who knows if it will catch on.

the residents discharged jae this morning. there is still no poop but apparantly i am more equiped to handle that then they are. it has been pleasant to arrive to Lo's with my dad here and the two kids, nate close by even though he is working on the house, a warm loooong shower, a place for laundry and more fresh clean clothes. best of all the 2 hour nap in my bed with saylor that was the best sleep i have had in a week. that stupid hospital bed was making my body hurt sooo bad.

saylor is scared to be home, she is not doing as physically good as she did with the augment. she is in a lot of physical pain and is compensating her body and therefor making herself that much more sore. she is fearful of every movement and every change. but at some point i have to be forceful so she will get better.

i am so jealous that my family/kids keeping seeing all my friends that i want to see! they ran into BFF angi at brick oven last night, and emily at the cemetary of all places. not fair.

i will keep you posted. as usual.


Charakie Gordon-Smith said...

I love reading the updates on your blog. I think about you all the time! Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Did you know the Osorios? Their mom bought that chair for their new house when they moved to Florida. It would be a great white elephant gift!