family pic

family pic

Monday, June 1, 2009

two of my fav things

there are a few things in my life that just by the meer thought, smell, sight bring me joy. one of them is peonies. i heart peonies. they are a pricey flower so i rarely really get to enjoy them and i am a florist. while mowing grandmas lawn today i realized i was stairing at a rare bread in full bloom peony bush. i nearly cried. its color is astounding and they are so gorgeous. i just stopped and stood. i have been out like a dozen more times to see them including this beautiful rainy evening. the other ... rain. sometimes i like the rain. tonight i like the rain. it feels good and appropriate.


Ashleigh said...

oh, I miss Grandma! :(

Susan said...

I love peonies, too. They were my bridal bouquet (which was really, really heavy by-the-way). I'm keeping Saylor and you guys in our prayers this week. Good luck.