family pic

family pic

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

8 is GREAT

so the champ is 8 now. his birthday was yesterday. being 8 officially makes him a cub scout. and it just so happens cub scout summer day camp this year took place on his bday so he was able to go. he had a blast and looked so cute scout like in his little scout shirt. we went out to dinner, chinese he says so PF changs and went miniature golfing in the freezing june gloom of utah. it was extra nice to take a night off of work and to have nate at my side as well. growing so fast he is. so much his dad.

update on saylor ... we are having a little hiccup, her urine has turned bloody. its been clear for the most part since we brought her home so this is a spontaneous thing we need to address. we arent entirely sure of why and i dont know yet what their plans are to fix it but my guess is they will just watch her and wait for another complication to indicate a direction or culture her which makes no sense because she is always positive no matter what. and she just got off anti's other then that the kids is doing good.

so i have changed my mind on front door ... not because i dont still desire the other fancy one i just cant afford it. so maybe this one?


Natalie said...

Very cool-the door. Where are you finding these things? John and I always lament about the lack of more contemporary homes in Utah. Seriously though, they are all the same. I can't wait to see "after" pics of your house.

Sarah said...

That's crazy he is eight! Happy birthday buddy.

The door is very cute! I likey, I like. I can't wait to see more of what your vision is for your house. I super excited!

The Fraser's said...

LOVE IT TOO! You have SUCH talent!~