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family pic

Monday, June 8, 2009

organized chaos

so update is this ... life is organized chaos. isnt it always with us though? seems more so at this moment. a good friend of mine once told me that during her courageous move that included some hospital time she often wondered what have i done? what have i gotten myself into? and i am having those feelings today. except that i am lucky to have that same friend who brings me dinner and does everything anything i will let her do! i couldnt be more blessed. my dads visit was good but felt brief but for most of the time i wasnt with him so that makes sense i guess. he left today and also worked for me! haha. studio stems employee for a day, and in all honesty i would have been up a creek without a paddle if it wasnt for him. things were mighty intense today. not to mention how much he has done for a little fam over the last few days. and prior to that my mom played parent yet again for a few days. saylor has finally found the courage to move a little more, i think this is a big step in the right direction and i think she feels better for doing so.

i am not good at staying in touch with a lot of my friends during stressful times. i need to send a shout out to angi to let her know i love her! and thanks for your patience and understanding. i also miss katrina, and so many others for that matter.

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