family pic

family pic

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another surgery down

sorry i havent been into the whole pic thing. its just not in me. i have wanted to keep that private for some reason. today i got to spend a few very quiet and still moments with saylor as i reflected on truly how perfect she is. what an amazing thing. it was so surreal rubbing her arm, her perfect skin, her stomach knowing that in only moments she would be torn open and changed. at every stage she is so perfect to me. its sometimes hard to allow this to happen even though i know its for the best.

it was a rather pleasant night considering nights here at PCMC and what they usually contain. a pleasant day as well. saylor was booked at almost the end of the day for the OR. set to go in at 1:30. she actually didnt really go in until 2:30 so typical. but she was NPO since midnight and she hardly complained. we painted nails, we put a puzzle together, we watched cartoons & colored. she fell asleep about 1:30 and we could hardly wake her to go to the OR. it was like she was medicated but she wasnt. it was peaceful. she basically went there asleep.

surgery went well. she is officially now part pig, the muscles they used for the sling are pig muscles. and the MACE is done now too. she is stable. she is needing a little bit of extra oxygen. not unusual for her and tonight is just time for rest all dopped up on morphine. she is sleeping and peaceful.

whats ironic is we did these things to get her in "panties" and the OR nurse thought she came in to the OR in them (even though she didnt she went in with a diaper) and she was afraid she lost her "panties" so she put some new ones on her. so she came out with "panties" on.

we of course are adorning pee bags once again but also a poop bag too. fun fun.

we are ok. thanks to a good friend we had a great new movie to watch. my head hurts, my jaw hurts and i am hungry. nate is feeling about the same. we are also both just so exhausted. but unable to sleep. i am thrilled that SYTYCD is on tonight to entertain me. and hope that tonight is another peaceful one.

thank you for continued strength, prayers, and love.


pat said...

Hi Audrey and Nate,
Just came to see how Saylor is doing. It is evident that this is not an easy thing-on top of everything else. The post is pretty tender.
You will all be in our family prayers.
It was sad not seeing you, Nate at YM but you and Audrey and the fam will be a blessing to the new ward.

pat & tony

Natalie said...

yeah! gotta love the dance show for a little pick me up. I'm happy that everything went well.

kerry said...

It always amazes me how these kids are so brave and can just take all that life gives them so well. That's so cute that she came out with her panties though!

kerry said...

It always amazes me how well these kids can take the hard things that life throws them. She is adorable. That is so cute that she came out of everything with new panties!!