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Sunday, September 14, 2008

being the parents we also wanted to be ...for a day

It never is like what you thought it would be, and for us we arent quiet the parents we thought we would be, nor do we have the time always to do all the things we thought we would be doing. we are working on a better balancing act. but yesterday aug 13th was perhaps the most perfect day of the year for all of us.

It began pretty typical for a sat morning, 3 kids in bed with mom watching cartoons while she tried really hard to sleep just a little longer. then it continued with 3 kids more willing than usual to participate in jobs and the cleaning of the house (which if i look around now on sunday afternoon that was all obsoleeeeet!) and the 4th kid, the hub actually folded 4 loads of laundry piled up in the bedroom and even better he did it with out me asking! yahoooooooo!

then nate and his clone of a son had a special moment while nate gave stock a cougar jersey that we had gotten him with harvery unga's # on it in preperation for their big man day at the game. they soon headed out the door both smiling from ear to ear!

they came home smiling from ear to ear as result of this record breaking monumental game that carries with it a 56-0 score!

just as they left i got ready to start the craft day i had planned with my girls. i prepared myself to not be a perfectionist and let the little ones actually help. i got the girls together and we headed outside in the most perfect weather i could possibly imagine! it made me never want to leave the backyard! to start our first craft. did you think i was going to divulge all the spooky hallo's now? no way sir! here is a sneak peak of the first one.

i felt so good just to hang out with them, talk and just do and be who i always thought i would be. it made me suspiciously happy. we didnt want to move inside for lunch so i prepared PB&J and avacado slices as well as a little apple juicey juice for us to munch on the americana quilt on our very own backyard green.

the next craft project was a definite outside project and a little messy but perhaps the most fun we have ever done, our porch kitchen table came in super handy .... only a sneakers peakers here too!

this took pretty much nearly all the time up before the boys got home so we headed into cath and take a little break. then we decided to make cupcakes .... saylor reminded me that you can make cupcakes out of anything so it didnt matter if we had all the ingredients or not. how would we even know this without cat?

i would like to say my cupcakes turned out like this ....

but they didnt. why? cause its rare that i am the exact mom i thought i would be. i dont make perfect cupcakes,(though i would really really like to!) in fact there are few things i make perfect at all. none the less its not the look, its whats inside because we made these cupcakes out of love, togetherness, laughter, patience, friendship, sugar, and of course chocolate! because you can make cupcakes out of anything ... anything? ANYTHING!

then off to the video store to aquire some flicks and a game to entertain us all. the girls settled in saylors room with a movie that fled saylor to a deep sleep quickly and relieved us of her constant care for just a while. stock and eventually story as well as a friend tried to master indiana jones lego style on the Wii while nate & tried to watcha movie in between kids needing us, phone ringing, and friends coming over ...

this was the movie of a choice. seemed fitting a little spooky to go along with our halloween filled day. as most of you blog stalkers know i am pretty deep when it comes to film. what can i get out of this i always strive to know. well WARNING! if you have yet to see this film and you want to perhaps the next paragraph or so will spoil so BEWARE! this was a good film, a thinker, i like those kind especially. what is the definition of premonition? Premonition refers to a situation when future events are foreknown or forecast as said by some online dictionary. i wonder if premonition really has to be actually seeing the event though? if thats the case i saw our rolling garden roll down our rocks only a few weeks ago meer moments before it happened. along with many other life events. however not sure i call it so much premonition as i do revelation, inspiration ... ok i like premonition too! but could i change the fate of the rolling garden? no i couldnt and either could sandra bulloch .... but what this movie teaches i think is that you can change the circumstance by which the event happens and how you feel about it. good flick. that finished of the day for the most part and began a less then perfect night of sleep so i wont go there.

that all being said a few more frivilous things from this last week ...

also saw this one for the first time this last week. it intrigued me and i found it to be most delightful until the last 3 minutes, when the entire movie and feel was demolished by a poor ending! so i have decided to edit my own copy one day to end just when the boy returns home. or maybe just after the crash of the airplane. then show it to my kids, so they wont be robbed of the real message.

i also tried my hand at homemade tapioca pudding for the first time in my life. i can understand now why this is not made in the average american home. i naively assumed that most pudding was pretty instant. shows what generation i come from ... perhaps microwave generation? it was well worth the 2 hours of nearly constant attention it took and i am pretty sure i will make it again ... in a year!


Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

That's what I've been talking about lately -- that feeling you get when you're immersed in what your psyche feels is most important...Not perfectly, either, but the effort is enough. Dare I say the feeling is called happiness? I think so. And its addicting! When you have a day as fulfilling as that, doesn't it make you want to try to make the next day similar in feeling? And the next and the next... I'm so glad you had such a warm and fuzzy weekend!

the said...

I was going to call Nate and tell him that we have started tailgating at all of BYU home games. I will have Curtis call him this week and tell him the details.