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family pic

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

crafty, thrifty solutions ...

i was so emotional sunday i apalogize! so today was saylor last tube removal and post op dr apt. it went well! the cathing program is going as well as expected and she looks good to him. she has this little area of her abdomen that sort of looks like its swollen or has hyrnia or something he said it was ok for now and that it will go away. we talked "leaking" problems and like i suspected he said we would probably try injenctions of collagen first and then it would probably be inevitable that she needs the sling surgery but that we need to wait at least 6 months for her body to accept what we have just done and figure out just how its going to function and he can see just what is happening on film (bladder studies.) sometimes i guess these patients of this surgery can be drastically different in function in many aspects 6 months later. so for now we go back in dec or jan for VCMG's and bladder studies etc... and another dr. apt. as long as we dont need Dr. wallis he doesnt need us until then. today i felt much more at ease with the situation and as for the pooping ... as long as we can get it out once a day at least we are ok i guess. its not what it was before but W.E.

saylor wanted to know two things from dr wallis and she asked him herself ... 1. when can i ride my horse? 2-3 weeks he said 2. when can i go to school? ... he replied, how about tomorrow! yeah! i am not sure i am as ready as she is to send my precious angel to the "big" school. tomorrow will be emotional no doubt! but i guess its time.

so my solution, a few days ago i came up with an idea to make it so saylor could wear undies. i thought how can i create a permanent pad that absrobs a lot and is washable that lines her panties. well cloth diapers was the answer. so i picked some up yesterday and sewed a little home made panty liner in just one pair last night, she has been wearing them all day and though she has leaked it hasnt gone much further then my crafty thrifty home-made liner! think this may work. so i made a few more tonight. i will say the old fashion style inexensive thick nice cloth daipers are a bit hard to find ... anyone have a good resource?

tonight has been beautiful for me as my family is all here and seemingly doing really well. the weather is perfect as rain comes down and the fall enters the air and my heart ... i am starting to feel more free to get back to my normal routines (whatever that means) and life, and experience something else inside. as the season changes so have our lifes ... as usual ... as He would have them be.


Tiff said...

I'm glad to hear that things went well today. And what a good little invention you made. You could start selling those to other moms with kids in similar situations! I bet Saylor is so excited for school. So Eric didn't have his surgery today. We had to cancel it for insurance reasons so he will probably go in some time next week. So whenever you want to get together give me a call. I'm so glad you are at peace with how things are going now. Good luck with sending your baby to Kindergarten tom. :(

Carol said...

You might be on to something with your cloth undies. You are so creative. You are all in our prayers. Can I help in any way?