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family pic

Friday, September 5, 2008

fantasy football

Today a more normal life post ...

tis is the season in which i become mostly a widow thanks to a hunting season that lasts from aug-dec complimentary of the dedicated hunting program, byu football and the season tickets that make nate giddy with joy, all the other football games on TV, playing football on a city league made up of 30 something boys against 20 somethings and winning, and last but not least fantasy football.

what is fantasy football you ask? first off let me tell you what its not - scantily clad cheerleaders bouncing around. thankfully!

so i complain a lot about this one. i think its because it takes nate away from us while he is at home, he tunes out and just goes to this "fantasy" place. i am super grateful that nate is not addicted to other types of "fantasy" so i am willing to give on this one, yet still i feel that detachment he makes.

so wednesday i sighed when he mentioned that it was draft night for his second fantasy team (he already had draft on monday for the other team which included several hours on his day off of making a "special" draft board.) so at the end of my sigh he asked me if i even knew what fantasy football was. and then i spout this at him ...

"yeah i know what it is .... first of all its research and reading the only topic you will research or read all year, then logging onto the internet (with your wife's help!) to set up a fantasy league with your friends or relatives. its composing your own custom team out of players playing for all different teams throughout the NFL through a draft program that mimics the NFL draft program and allows the league members to fight in a more organized manner. then the playing begins and you watch way more football then you did before you knew what fantasy football was (he watched an extreme amount before so this worsens the addiction to drug like levels!) you watch every NFL game to just watch one player who defines the points he earns your custom team for the day. points earned are based on each of your players game day performances and determine the winners and loosers of your fantasy league. all the while you log on to the internet quiet often to talk trash to each other ins ome guy language about who is doing well and who isnt. this consumes several hours of your week for the full season. "

his eyes got big and he just said wow, you do know what fantasy football is! you should blog abou it! so here i am. blogging about fantasy football and all its woes.

as for the little one ...

she is now successfully wearing these ariel panties. isnt this what we wanted? things are going better and we are all adjsuting to our new routine. she seems to be a bit more herself everyday!


Danielle said...

Tell your husband you are coming to draft night, order up some wings and make your own team! I did that with March Madness and ended up winning first place one year! Took my cash and got a pedicure and massage.

Heather J said...

I was just reading all of your posts from the last few weeks. You are such a troper. YEA for Ariel pants.

I agree with ya on the fantacy football crap. What a waste of time, that seems to bring them such joy. WHATEVER!

Amber Schmidt said...

Yay for Ariel panties!!! I have no idea what Fantasy Football even is... wish I had the time to figure it out! LOL

Rebekah said...

Ha ha!! I can SO relate to you on this. Freakin' football season. I hate it. Truly. I do.

Though I always get a kick out of the "girl fights" that they boys get in over fantasy football. Silly!