family pic

family pic

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

she's off and away

"she is off to great places she is off & away." she is off to the "big" school. i handled it well, no crying believe it or not. after meeting with the school nurse (its proving to be a bit of a pain getting her health care plan in tact) just after droping saylor off i headed to yoga to distract and clear my mind. good things.

i felt so bad not being there to take first day pics this year so i got some in yesterday morning since it was picture day! fun stuff. now i dont feel at all guilty! our lives are our lives and i wouldnt want them any other way, i wouldnt want it any other way!


Engrained Emotions said...

What beautiful kids! So glad that things are getting back to "normal".

We still need to get together.

Sharon Murphy said...

Your children are precious and beautiful. Love the school pictures.