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family pic

Sunday, September 28, 2008

tricky treats

I have been cravin a little seed. for a while actually i bought a pumpkin almost a week ago and just got around to the laborious work today. pumpkin seeds are actually really good for you and i think they are the BEST of the seed eating varieties. but its a lot work. it seems like you get a lot of seeds out of a 'kin but often time you go through all the work for them to be gone in mear minutes. none the less, pretty tasty! and worth it after a week of mustering the energy.

1. carve a top in your pumpkin. 2. take it to the sink and fill it with luke warm water so your hands/arms dont freeze 3. roll up your sleeves. 4. seeds should be floating up. pile them into a strainer. 5. scrape the pumpkin and put in some labor for about 20 minutes to get every last seed. 7. wash the seeds while in strainer, toss them gently, sticky stringer 'kin will stick to you put it to the side or in the gcan. 8. put 2 cups of water to 1/2 cup of seed with 1 tb coarse salt and boil.
9. strain seeds 10. lightly oil a cookie sheet (i use coconut oil i believe in its qualities) 11. spread seeds out on pan and sprinkle with some sort of flavoring devices! herbs ... WE. 12. cook on 200 for however long you want 2-6 hours you cant screw this up ... serious. 13. remove and enjoy!

next i was craving this

but these two require work and now i realize why they are so $$$ at the store. but i cant afford to spend my failing financial dollar on caramel apples and rocky mt choco fact or anywhere else for that matter. we love apples, been going through them like mad. covered these with the sheet caramel and then smothered them in melted white choco and dipped in crumbled oreos ... again a lot of labor .... for a savory treat. i guess you burn more of the calories you consume this way. its a good thing any way you look at it i think! cost about $2 an apple when its all said and done which still is not CHEAP!

how we doin? you ask. well saylor seems to be struggling with another infection even though she has only been off anti's for a few days. my guess is she will go back on this week. she is fine one min and not so fine the next hour. its strange we arent sure whats going on. other than that she is doing well. enjoying school and all her new friends. the kids have been very kind and accepting with her. that has been a releif!

the other two nibblets are strong and amazing as always!

nate got the SWEETEST new glasses. i will post a pic soon. they are so rockin he wore them to church today. it was the funniest day at church in a while. he got lots of great looks. some people even asked is this a joke or is this for real. he just said yeah there real glasses! anyhow i will spill the whole hilarious story on this as soon as i get some pics ... without pics its not worth it.

we are looking forward to getting through a very busy week!


Sara said...

earlier this year i discovered in the nut and candy section of macey's were some shelled pumpkin seeds, they are my favorite...totally worth the price and they save you all that time.
love your halloween ideas!

Danielle said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the've got my attention now.