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family pic

Thursday, September 25, 2008

hunting for ghosts inside or out?

what? you say. well first let me tell you how i know stock is nate's clone ... they went hunting during the week together at our cabin and had this conversation ...

stock is looking binocs and some other equipment over. he notices that the binocs have the word "outdoors" in their brand.

stock "dad, why doesnt all equipment have the words outdoors in it?"
Nate "i dont know, why?"
Stock "because you dont hunt indoors."
both "LOL!"

yep he is nate's clone ... nate would say something like that. i am just surprised stock thought of it before he did!

now to another halloween decor project on the thrifty dime. when i was young my mom made fabric starch ghosts with me one year to hang in our huge tree out front for the season. we havent made them since, and i have wanted to ever since. so this was my year, i made them with my girls. this requires white sheets of some sort - we had two lying around the house and because we cut up the edges to be "spooky" you can use a fitted sheet as well and just cut off the elastic. you also will need a gallon or so of liquid fabric starch. i bought 2 jugs at $3.75 a piece at macy's grovery store. then you will need some sort of structural shaping support. what you make it out of should vary depending on the size you want it to be. we used old bar stools with upside down tomato cages on top of that. we took two of the prongs that usually insert into dirt and made arms (easy to bend!) then the third we bent straight down as to be out of the way. then we placed a large ball in the ring of the tomatoe cage for the head. simple as that. pour fabric starch straight (dont dilute it doesnt work well if its not straight!) into a 5 gallon bucket and immerse a sheet. do not ring it out just pick it up sopping wet with starch and drape appropriatly over structure to dry. this is best done on the grass where drippings dont matter and have no need to be cleaned and on a sunny not windy day is also recommended. took several hours to dry. then remove from frame and tie fishing wire around neck to encourage head shape. i attached a safety pin to the crown of the head and hung with fishing wire and safety pin. the end effect ..... SPOOOOOKY!

outside tip - when hanging outside be careful to not hang where ghost could be rained on, they tend to get a little pissy about this as it ruins their form! also sercure with more then fishing wire or in some sort of manly strong fashion so that the wind does not carry your ghost away to another house. this look so great in large trees! we dont personally have any of those .... dangit!

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