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family pic

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mini halloween candy bar

ok so enough whinning. its now the end of another long day at home with a sick kid but after reading my post from this morning i just think ... thats enough! positivity and not complaining is the answer so please excuse my momentary mental break.

ok so here it is deco for hallo #2. this is a little mini halloween candy bar with darling labels courtesy of martha stewart! you can print these labels here. as we already know i have a plethura of vases so i just took 2 i really liked (for one i didnt want more candy sitting in jars then two varieties and i also wanted to be thrifty of course!) and then i coated the back side of the printed labels with modge podge (if you dont know what this is, you must discover this wonderful versatile dry's clear glue) then stuck them on the vase and just painted more glue over the top, around the edges, really everywhere. better then a sticker!

a sample of my inspiration ...

i will even make it a little easier for you ....
a little bit o'goth
deadly morsels = black jelly beans
witches sticks = black and white candy cane sticks
twisted treats = black licorice sticks
dreadful edibles, devilish delights, & rotten sweets = could be about anything black

a sweeter side
pretty little pumpkins = gummy pumpkins
tempting twists = pretzels, chocolate covered is best!
sweetest swirls = white/orange striped candy cane sticks (like at see's candy etc...)
good witch gumballs = orange &/or black gumballs


Amber Schmidt said...

love it!! We had a Candy Bar at Ky's party and it was a huge hit!

The O'Briens said...

So Cute! I will have to try it. I miss you. Haven't talked to you in a bit. I hope Saylor is feeling better. Love your writings and thoughts. Love your guts.