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family pic

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

not long enough

upside down is something we gravitate to quickly unfortunately, its just the nature of the beast we fight. for the last few days saylor has been a bit .... sinusy, shall i say. but it appeared that she was suffering from allergies, like most of the other members of her family do at this time of year. she also has been unusually cranky for the last week but i had assumed that was caused by the new change of going to school, perhaps a little over stimulation, and being pretty tired after all that hard physical work of getting around the school and classroom.

there has been a little boy in her class sick since she started school. i have been praying that she would not obtain his illness. the teacher has him as far away in the classroom from saylor as she can get him and has been very supportive and taken all precautions to keep saylor healthy. i struggle with anger when it comes to this subject. i dont understand why if your kid is sick why you send them to school or church, because it inconveniences you? i just dont get it. it jeopordizes the health of every other kid there. what can i do but hermit my child, thats not fair.

so yesterday within only about an hours time between me cathing her and me checking on her in her room and touching her again she went from a normal temp to blazing hot, pink skin, bright red lips, lethargy, etc etc .... she quickly got sicker and sicker over the next few hours despite the motrin i gave her. she kept saying her ears hurt so we were thinking ok not allergies and she must have an ear infection with some sort of cold she picked up from school *ie little sick boy. so we decide that we should take her in to after hours vs waiting till morning. what the heck .... we have met our out of pocket anyway. so we head on down just to discover that her ears, throat, nose, etc... all crystal clear. either allergies or mild cold. still did not solve why she has such a high fever so we did a UA culture and sure enough she has a UTI. so to the pharmacy late then to get an icecream and ruin my own new found health and back home to administer anti's and more tylenol/motrin. we gave her allergy medicine to see if the cold stuff would improve so we could determine what that was all about. and nodda. my guess is she has a cold from school right on top of a UTI. her poor body. she has gone from doing so well and being so happy to being sick so fast.

i am so frustrated that she made it through only one week of school before aquiring something. i know this has a lot to do with her little weak immune system but its still frustrating none the less. i wonder how often she will even be in school this year while her body is working so hard just to overcome a new bladder and healing. i also am so disapointed that the UTI's followed so closely to surgery. i feel helpless.

the only thing i can do for her is what i have always done .... and maybe just a little more since i went to the health food store and picked up some cold season musts along with probiotics, immune support, and urinary support suppliments. we started all that last night and i hope it just gives her the extra boost she needs to get better!

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