family pic

family pic

Sunday, September 21, 2008

o'brien tarantula produces off spring ...

and in our perfectly spooky black chandelier no less ...

ok so this is really halloween deco project #3. It will cost you about $1.25 that is if you have a perfectly spooky chandelier already. this is in our entry way so its really the first thing you see when you come in the house, if your paying attention that is. fake spider web bag should carry you a long way, thus the 25 cents. i figure more or less thats what about how much i used. you have to be good at stretchin this stuff to make it look so authentic so practice a little ... i had a hard time finding spiders that werent rings that were still small so ultimately i ended up going with spider rings $1 at the dollar store or anywhere else actually. (you will get a few orange colored ones as well but for a $1 you cant be too picky right?) i cut the ring parts off with small wire tweezers (like for jewelery making.) then i affixed them to the web in a line like pattern that continues across the wall around the corner and down another wall as if they are headed or coming from the basement. easy, fun, spooky, cheap, and so perfect for this house full of gothic tarantula loving people. is there an abreviation for spoooky laugh? like SLOL?

as for a family type update ... nate and i are both terribly sick. nate never gets sick so i know this bug is/was a strong one. i am sure we aquired it from the wee one who we still let sleep with us every night even though she is 5, taking turns cuddling and kissing her and holding her gets us (ok usually just me) sick if she is sick. what doesnt seem fair is that she got over hers in like 2.5 days. nate and i are struggling. the other two kids are perfectly healthy but pretty bored considering mom and dad barely get out of bed, i am working hard to keep them pumped full of good vitamins to keep them from getting sick, as well as pumping us sick ones with them to get us over it fast! we are hoping that by tomorrow we are at least better enough to go about daily activities without feeling like our heads may explode!

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Amber Schmidt said...

okay the martha stewartness oozing from this post could make me vomit! LOL No seriously... want to come to my house? I have dead plants in the landscaping? We could make those into Halloween decor!