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family pic

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what i carry

art credit roberto damico

i think more than a few of you can see this tremendous weight that i carry in my eyes. i think some of you are wondering why .... saylor seems to be doing so well and she is. but that being said the timing of our lives is proving to be a challenging obsitcal for which i am working on a pathway through. as the seasons change so do our lives with saylor recovering and accepting a new routine of life, one that requires cleanliness to the extreme, precision, and good perspective of time, with school and all that brings for two normal healthy children and one who is challenged. initially when saylor was born we worried about the future, her school future even. the social and academic aspects she would face. as she grew and developed our fears and concerns subsided with time and also with the development of a bright and brilliant child. we had forgotten what we could potentially face so in some ways these now rearing challenges have smacked us in the face with learning and social adversities. of course this comes with a thick silver lining, that i am deeply grateful for, of a great support system and a kindergarten class full of children who treat saylor like a celebrity! economic times are even wearing on us! in fact that are wearing down hard as we see an unexpected decline in insurance construction work and an expected decline in floral design work. we know that not just the season is changing. change .... a challenge even for the best competitor! this is of course only a few of the things that weigh down .... those that seem the most fitting to share.


Engrained Emotions said...

A- I read this last night, and sat at my computer wondering what I could say to you. You know as a llittle encouragement...nothing came.

This morning as I read the scripts I came across this, I knew I needed to share this with you.

1 Nephi 16:29~ And thus we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things.

love you!

Amber Schmidt said...

I feel those winds of change that are happening... we need to catch up soon... I have a lot to tell. Life as I knew it ended last week. Now I am on a new journey that will be as rewarding as it is challenging!

Hugs to you!