family pic

family pic

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bees make honey - saylor makes tar

again sorry for the non rotated pics.
yesteray and today we continue to make slow but sure progress. this yellow rocking chair has become saylors place of refuge. she spent about 4-5 hours in it yesterday and about 2 already today. i can see her body relaxing a little in little gestures like not holding her arms so stiff and allowing them to go above her head while she sleeps etc... we have gone back to being able to start clear liquids again but conservatively only 4 ounces of liquid for the next 24 hours. then we will see her belly can take it and hopefully move forward.

last night barrett, heather, connor, & eva came for a visit. they have been such good supportive friends, heather is the most sincere loving christ like person i know i think. there is no one she dosnt like and there are so many that she loves! she brought us ...

heather & i both share the same passion for this little tasty bakery in american fork, however it seems to be always be 0 calories on her! anyhow its so delish and so generous and kind. their visit was nice. heather got me crying. i have been avoiding that.

not long after they took off my good friend debbie came with her girls bearing a near xmas load of gifts for saylor! AND dinner for nate and I! how do you thank someone for that? how do you thank any of the people in our lifes right now holding us up, getting us through? i know i know you dont have to but i feel so overwhelmed with the love that has been offered us! debbie is someone i just connect with in my soul, a true sister! we havent known each other long, but we have grown close. she is constantly checkin on me via text or phone and is so genuine! her girls were darling and i hope that their experience here was a good one.

last night nate crashed at about 10 and saylor and i stayed up until about LATE! she started hurting pretty bad at a little after midnight, i have learned this last few days that to get her past the pain i must cause her more ... its hard but it works. the trick is to get her to sit up so she can pass what gas or whatever it is thats moving through her body. doesnt make tons of sense to me considering that she has basically been NPO for a week now. anyhow i guess the body makes goo. so i climbed into bed with her at the head of the bed and lifted her up and stradled her so she could rest her back on my abdomen. after a bit she was getting pretty shaky so i decided to lay her back down, then i felt something wet. i looked down and saw a dark stream flowing out of her diaper, near her mit port (the one that has already been pulled out on accident once) my heart sank and i justt ran out the door and told the nearest nurse we had an emergency. i was positive it was blood. i was terrified of what this meant. then we turned on the light and saw that it was more like black green like stuff, then after a few thoughts we realized its POOP - so i had a baby this week after all. she is pretty much producing something similar to what a newborn first poops, sticky TAR! it took a full hour to clean her up and get her bed back in order. but i was happy to do it so long as it was poop not blood. she slept most of the rest of the night.

this morning we had another tar blow out .... we are pleased to see her bowells doing something. thus the start of clear liquids again. she is managing her pain, you can tell its hard but she has such a high tolerance. today i even had her stand up while i held her for about 30 seconds.

we have had two visits so far today ... my long time best friend ever (besides nate) angi and her daughter saylors friend brynlee and keagan. they brought a dry erase board -clever! and some modeling clay. it was a good visit. i miss not talking to ang everyday so it was good to see my sisterhood of the traveling pants.

just before ang came the salt lake

came by. including bumble and since we have watched the bee movie about 10 times this week she asked bumble if he makes honey ... aparantly he does. she still wants to marry cosmo though! the players were really nice, they signed a ball for her.

i can find the eloquence inside that i want to! i really want to express thanks to so many of the angels in my life! its hard to find an adequate or eloquent enough way. nothing is near good enough to express my gratitude!

PS - i got dressed and ready about half way.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a mom so happy that her child pooped all over her bed!!! I am happy that it was not blood.

Davina said...

Yay! I'm so thrilled that Saylor is doing so well! And Audrey, it sounds like you are, too. I agree that I've never heard a mom be so happy that her child pooped all over her bed. lol. You are both awesome!

The Torgersen's said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are slowly starting to work even though it's painful. It's a blessing to you have family near and such great supportive friends through all of this. Thanks for keeping us all posted through your blog, we're still praying for your family and for Saylor.

Kimmy said...

You are so strong and such an inspiration to others. Saylor is lucky to have such a great mom.

Tiff said...

It's so good to see Saylor sitting up and smiling! We wanted to come see you so bad yesterday since we had a Dr.'s apt. at Primary's but Ethan and I are both sick and didn't want to spread the germs. That's all you guys need is a sickness on top of all this other stuff. It's great to see Saylor a little more like herself everyday.

Matchbox Mom said...

You don't know me, but Debbie is my Aunt. She really is awesome...always doing things for everyone else. She introduced me to your blog, and since then i've been hooked! We pray as a family for your little Saylor. What a blessing she is and so strong!
Thank you for sharing her with us fellow bloggers!