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family pic

Sunday, August 24, 2008

i want to be a ... florist ... when i grow up!

this is who saylor wants to be when she grows up. its that first moment, that first career you identify ... some kids its a police or fireman, a doctor, a garbage man, whatever ... my daughter wants to be a florist. i should be extatic right? well i am but i am also a little bummed that it has very little do with me, i am not her inspiration.

we have the bee movie but it also got played over and over on the movie channel at PCMC and so i think we have watched it at least 20 times no exageration. Vanessa is her inspirtation. so for now she wants to be a florist. how convenient!

today has been a rough morning at it looks as though we are headed back to this dreadful place ...

i think we will hold out until tomorrow just simply because we have things under control and as if that place is not difficult to handle on any given day its worse on the weekends. so i went to flush saylor this morning, it wouldnt pull back. tried all the tricks the docs taught me and ... nothing. so i knew i had to get the locked cap off once again before she got in pain or worse risk rupturing so i tried and tried and couldnt. she wasnt in pain yet so i was good on time but i decided to go ahead and call nate at church. he came home and got the locked cap off so we were able to drain all the urine and pressure out. total we spent an hour and 22 minutes trying to fix the troubled side and still to no avail. anyhow we sort of just gave up with exhaustion. we know how to keep her drained and safe but its not a long term fix. what is up with the superpubic side that refuses to work? anyhow if we cant get it flushing by tomorrow morning it looks as though saylor and i are headed back.

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Sara said...

Oh Audrey, I just read through your posts and days with Saylor and my heart is heavy but hopeful for do you guys do it?I'm tired just thinking about what you've been through, I can't imagine how your family must feel. You are all in my prayers. Such fighters you all are. Give everyone our love:)