family pic

family pic

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift ... that is why its called the present."

today was pure joy. i haven't felt so blissfully peacefully calm and just plain happy for such a long time. i am not an early riser but i woke up early today and wasn't at all agitated, when saylor called for me nate fetched her and brought her to snuggle with me in bed, when he slid her into my arms it was indescribable how beautiful it felt, it was more than the usual, it was more than i can describe with words. i quickly took notice of my feelings and just relished in them with her for about an hour. the kids also were up and at em and it felt so good to not be rushed to school, have laundry started and the house clean and 5 thank you notes all done before they even left.

some yoga practice followed, i can feel the steps backwards my body has taken in the last few months so it felt good to do something for myself. then a quick shower and onto a promised movie for saylor. she is bored out of her mind really so i had to come up with calm activities to go do. i bet it cant be guessed what we saw ... jk of course kung fu panda. the above quote is what i got out of the movie for the day. saylor loved it and i loved the time with her. she has really turned a corner in the last 2 days and seems to be quickly returning to her self. it feels almost unreal how normal things were today, how happy and peaceful she was, it seemed as though the surgery and all its complications where years ago. she was so exhausted from just getting out to the movie and feel asleep in the car so i gently carried her in and we took a 2 hour nap on my bed together, no interruptions. can you believe that? it was so blissful. the kids came home from school and got to their jobs and homework with no complaining while i cleaned the garage and the car. two things i rarely have time to get to.

we cooked dinner as a family and we are just now settling into the evening rituals. it was such a beautiful perfect day ... it was a gift, a gift i recognized and experienced to its fullest. a present, the present.


Liz - Whimsy Floral said...

What a great reminder of what is important in life. Most of us keep ourselves so busy that we rush by those peaceful moments and neglect to stop and think about why we are here. I know I would do better to take the time to really think about how blessed I am and how I should be cherishing the moments I'm given.
I'm glad you had such a well-deserved happy day. Thanks for teaching us -- practical examples are so much more tangible than the lessons we get on Sundays...!

The Torgersen's said...

We're glad to hear that things are looking up, you're strong loving family.