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family pic

Sunday, August 31, 2008

power of one

to inspire, encourage, motivate individualS to positively affect the lives of others, not themselves! the power of one. Saylor

Nate and i have always known that Saylor was never fully ours. I wonder if i feel a sliver of what perhaps the mother of our Savior felt, a cherished gift to mother such a cherished gift to all mankind. Saylor's spirit emanates beyond anything i can visually see, her power is magnificent. Her mission on earth is far more then i have been called to do and she fulfills it with every breath drawn, its her very presence. the power to inspire others to come unto Christ. When her life is set to be an example through what she experiences then we see more clearly how true this is, in the people around us who are inspired to kneel when they dont normally kneel, to fast when sacrifice has been vacant from their lives, to attend the temple after a long absence, to have faith, to give when giving is really hard.

one of the many experiences of Saylor's power over the last few weeks has been that of blood. there are no coincidences in everything is intricately placed i have no doubt of that. only a few weeks before surgery it was announced that our neighborhood was asked to participate in a blood drive on the exact day that saylor was to have surgery and even more intricate the blood from this particular drive was to be donated to pediatric hospitals only. i knew by the spirit that this was how those around us could give to us, in honor of saylor. i encouraged and the spark became great flames of multitudes giving blood. saving lives.

the last few days have been trying as saylor reverts back to a painful uncomfortable complicated body and health. but i know we still progress towards healing. i am grateful for a few good days and know that more will soon come.

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