family pic

family pic

Monday, August 11, 2008

liquid diet

one word ... JELLO!

today was saylor's first day on her liquid diet in preparation for her surgery. i actually fooled myself into thinking that today would be pretty easy and that she wouldn't get to ornery until 24 hours into the diet. she did ok the latter part of the day, the opposite of what i thought. this morning she threw 2 separate outrageous tantrums. saylor is not a tantrum thrower, she whines but not much more than that. this evening we went to a owls game, thought that would be tricky too but she did well, she asked for a hot dog but also accepted that she couldn't have one relatively easy and settled for that she could have one after surgery some time. we got her an otter pop and some soda and she came away still smiling, so we did good. we talked her into meeting hootz the mascot by telling her he is friends with cosmo ... oh the lies we tell.

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Engrained Emotions said...

Jello shots, soda, popsicles all sound yummy, until you realize that is all you can have! Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Good luck the next couple days!