family pic

family pic

Thursday, August 21, 2008


no hospital stay is complete without an image like this!

its almost time for this stay to come to an end. i fear that we may be back all to quickly but i pray we wont be back before our two week post op follow up and one tube removal. i expect by tomorrow to be home in my own bed and may be able to swing an even earlier release with the help of some good nurses.

today my guess is i look like i feel. i dont know why today has been hard, saylor has been doing well and by far today was better than the same day a week ago. i must be just tired of this place and it must show. several people have commeneted on my discheveled tired look, and i am too tired to care.

yesterday i forgot to mention in my post that i have been coloring too ... so that means all of you that have brought coloring items are helping not just saylor but me too!

what has nate been doing? watching the olympics and studying for his fantasy football draft like it was the MCAT

today we are watching daddy day camp. its pretty funny. so far my fav part is when the kids are on the bus and the f-dude kid says his name then follows it with this "call me mullet ....(then slicks his hair with his hands) all business in front and party in the back!" LOL

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