family pic

family pic

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

borrowed pets

this is lily, one of storie's many borrowed pets. the girls have been riding for a little over a year now so we have several horse "pets" these days. They both have really enjoyed it and excel at it as well. this last monday night was storie's horse show for the year. i was so glad to have been out of the hospital and able to be there, wasnt planning on it being a 4 hour event but never the less storie had a great time and rode beautifully! she took 2 first place prizes home and 2 second, she also won musical cones horseback style! the best part was her emergency dismount that she did in a real emergency when lily got spooked by something the parking lot, it was graceful and perfect and she kept lily under control at the same time! storie we are so proud of you!

this is meera our next borrowed pet ... jk! meera takes lessons from the same coach as the girls, not to mention she is a neighbor and one of our bestest friends too!

this is the borrowed pet we cant wait to get rid of! saylors pee bag. it comes with mile long tubing and serious inconvenience. its driving me mad! i dont know how saylor does it! its not even on me and i cant stand it! hopefully this pet finds a new home in the Gcan in a few weeks!

she is doing well today. the every morning fights and sorrow over the flushing is kind of getting me down. she hates it so bad and insists that it hurts. the bad thing is, she will have to do this the rest of her life so she must get used to it. i dont think its a pain thing, more an issue of a discomfort that she needs to grow to accept. eventually she will do it herself along with her cathing, for now its me who inflicts this torture on her every morning and its wearing on me. she had a light bulb realization at the table last night she proclaimed that she knows what the word "pain" means .... "hurt" she says. glad she figured that out just now after a million docs have asked her how much pain she is in a million times! a few minutes later she was being a little testy and i asked her what "love" means? she is still working on it.


pat said...

Audrey, Nate,
I know there is still a lot ahead of you, but I am so glad to hear that things are going well.

And Audrey,
your writing is beautiful.

Carol said...

I am so glad to hear that Saylor is getting better. Hope she keeps improving.