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family pic

Friday, August 29, 2008

williams violin

lots of you have asked me how i am holding up, i think i am fine, or i thought i was fine until yesterday, william helped me see how not fine i am. mind you sharing this story with the world means i am willing and able to laugh at myself so give me some props for that at least.

Storie just started school orchestra this week and she has chosen the violin to play. this means we need to purchase a violin. holy pricey these little pieces of wood and strings are! so its been on my to do list since we arrived home (well ok before that even). i have been stalking ksl in hopes of finding a good used in her size and in good condition with a not so hefty price tag. i have found a few but who knew that used violins where such a hot item, you have to pounce or you are on the loosing end. its kind of like shopping on ebay commercials all the sudden, shop victoriously! so i found one yesterday on ksl ... a bit more than i had wanted to spend but far less than a new one so i thought hey i will call nate and see what he thinks. but then i dialed and forgot what i was doing because too much was going through my brain and there was the computer in front of me with williams name and number on it so even though i had dialed nate i asked for william. nate tells me this is him... cause he is thinking why has my wife called me asking for william. and so i respond with so i am calling about the violin you have for sale? and he says yeah? and i say is there a time we can come by and look at it? and he says yeah, right now. and i chuckled a little and said well we cant right now. and he said are you serious? so then i am thinking why is this william guy being so weird so i say yeah i am serious ... then the realization hit! i was talking to NATE! oh i couldnt believe it, i was so far gone i had not even realized what i had done or who i was talking to! no recognition. i started to laugh and cry for both reasons and realized wowsers i am far gone!

how is saylor? well the last few days have been a little rougher then the beginning of the week. she was sleeping so well, now not so much! and yesterday her stomach was pretty upset all day and she was juggling some new pain. pretty ornery and pail ... so far diddo goes for today! one day at a time!

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CYNTHIA said...

what a cute story! Your funny and you know what no one will make fun of you for that, I am sure!
Just wanted to let you know i was thinking about you and im glad to hear that your still kicking!
Love you!!