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family pic

Friday, August 15, 2008

will it make me fart?

it was a long night. i slept from 10-12 then traded nate and he slept until 2:30 when i woke him up to trade and it lasted 10 minutes before saylor wanted me back. sometimes this feels good but i worry about how nate feels about this, i suppose its the way its always been but still. i know when she wants him over me i dont like it, i know makes no sense. so then i got back in bed with her and got a little sleep here and there until about 5am when i traded nate then i slept until 7:30 then sent him back to sleep. he woke up about 9. saylor had a rough night. she still is crying often for a drink and wondering why? we keep explaining but she is frustrated. she also is in a bit more pain than she would like but they wont give her anything more than what she has going. at some point last night a nurse told her she cant have anything to drink until she starts tooting ... or maybe it was nate who told her that. anyhow now every med they give her she asks "will it make me fart?" its going to be a long day. she wont get any thing to drink until sunday most likely, at the earliest sat night. long frustrating road. she is so tough but its hard to see her so sad. this is what i have been struggling with all along, if she is so happy and healthy now how could i send her to utter misery, and yet i did. hard stuff.

this is how rare this surgery is even here at PCMC - so her post op nurse who has been here like 20 years did not even know what a mitrofonof was. now most of you wont either but i do, nate does. anyhow its the port that she has now to cath her bladder, its made with her appendix and should work well in about a month after everything heals and we can use it the way it was meant to be used, she just has a drainage tube in it now. so i had to help her sound it out ... she was like what is that? oh dear ... then i nurse last night knew what it was but said she had not even taken care of one patient with one yet at PCMC in 4 years but i had at the hospital she came from. oh dear .... not so common. i watch them closely.

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Jessie said...

Hello. I just wanted to let you know that your whole family is in my prayers. I admire you and your strength. You are an inspiration to me.