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family pic

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

whats in a prius? a lion king, and humans

I am driving one of these temporarily ... long story reserved for a later post .... its white and looks just like this. so what is a prius, pretty high tech curious cars. toyota (my fav) makes these little hybrids for the tree hugers, economists, or just all us regular folks jumping on the train to save a lot in gas. so it gets about 50-60 mpg on average. i filled it full last night with around $20 ... can you believe that? its so high tech that i have a feeling that i will miss it, even though i find it rather unattractive .. you can learn to love! haha. so as long as you have the key somewhere near you like a pocket or purse, no need to get it out the car will sense it and you can just open the door, same concept for starting the car and driving it, the key just has to be somewhere in the car, no need for it to be in the ignition! so so convenient! i cant believe that we are getting so lazy that we must accomidate ourselves so. it also has a nifty screen that details its energy consumption and shows you when gas is being used and when battery is being used! i would say they are about half and half. its crazy! there is a power button, takes some getting used to. it fits saylors walker and a few other things plus my whole van dam fam pretty nicely i must say. the downfalls? like i said not the most attractive thing and i also have heard some not so great things about emergency situations like accidents, i usually am in favor of 4 wheel drive in utah as well, otherwise i think this is a great little buy if you dig it!

the kids and i hit up the dollar movie for a little advise from aslan. CS lewis is such a great author and these movies do the spiritual depth of his writings justice. my favorite lines (of course they have everything in the world to do with whats going on in my life ...)

lucy is asking aslan why he didnt come roaring into save them, why he didnt show himself? and he replies "things never happen the same way twice."

prince caspian is kneeling with the other royalty and aslan asks the queens and kings of narnia to stand and they all stand but P.caspian, and aslan says "all of you." and P. caspian responds with "i dont know if i am ready yet." and aslan replies "thats percisely how i know you are."

i realized in that moment that i am ready for saylors surgery ... as ready as i can be. as ready as He is to see her hurt with me, as ready as we are to go through this all together.

last night saylor and i went to wally world for some black spray paint ... cheap and open at night. we havent been going there near as often as we used to as i have been more into supporting a local grocer these days and have found that i spend less, simply because we only get what we need instead of buying cheap goods that we dont need. anyhow the moment we walked in saylor sprang one of her inside thoughts that was spontaneous and hilarious thought i would share ...

"mom, remember no talking to humans."

i just smiled.


Charakie said...

Hey O'Brien family! I think it's a bit sad that we need a blog to keep in touch but it's better than nothing which is the way we've done it the past couple years. Glad to see that you are all doing soon.

Tara said...

Hey Audrey I just wanted to tell you I wish I had your strength as a women. Our Kids are everything to us in this world, I think women are made to be motherly even if they don't have kids. We want are kids to live longer than we do, and see them thrive on life!! Your little girl is doing just that and I don't think you will ever know how many people you touch! You may think she is the strong one which she is but she had to learn it from some where and it was You!!! Good luck with everything I always check in to see how things are going just never comment just so you know we are thinking of you guys.