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Sunday, August 10, 2008

inspirtation, fasting, peyton, & the blood of flowers


many ward members, family, and friends have asked us if we will be fasting for saylor. we sure will. Nate & I will fast on this coming wed the 13th, all day because that is when saylor will be required to fast as well so it seemed the most appropriate. not sure how onery we all will be by the end of the day, but at least we will be that way together. i have thought a lot about the power of fasting, especially because i believe her future and the outcome of this surgery is already mapped out. i have found that fasting shows Heavenly father our trust in him and our willingness to mourn with those that mourn and serve those in need of service. so if you would like please join us in thanking our Heavenly Father for Saylor in our lives and submitting to His will with faith.

the girls playing with their brand new cousin peyton marie

i recently just finished this book. i didnt like it much & i am actually not going to recommend this one, yet it was profound for me. i never regret reading a book no matter what because literature is learning. i wanted to get out of this book what i was supposed to for me right now in my life. the book is about a young lady who has fallen upon a series of unfortunate events that she believes have been brought on by the passing of a comet. it takes place historically which may have much to do with the traditions of the times but i also find it to be cultural as well. it takes place in a middle eastern culture. the young woman cultivates a beautiful talent for rug making throughout her experiences and becomes an artist in a culture that does not accept women as artists. her frustration with the challenges this presents is depicted throughout the book. the title is a metaphor in the book rather then an actual relation. but i found it to be a direct relation to what i am feeling and i realize what i am feeling is "the blood of flowers." i have been struggling this week with being accredited appropriatly as an artist. i feel like a lot of industry publishers want a piece of me but dont want to recognize who it is they are getting a piece of. i have dozens of photog friends that i adore but i still feel that just because they take a picture of someone else's art that it doesnt make it their art. i dont necessarily think that the photogs are the ones claiming credit either but they are who the magazine's and publishers give credit to for some reason. i dont understand why all art is not credited. in 2008 my work was published in almost every local to utah bridal magazine there is, yet i was only credited in a one. it appears to me next year will be more of the same and it grows frustration inside of me. the blood of flowers.

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Davina said...


I so wish I would have been paying attention and fasted with you, Saylor, and Nate (and it sounds like, a lot of other people).

Is sounds like The Blood of Flowers was an good book. I'm always looking for new books to read. What was it about the book that makes you not want to recommend it?