family pic

family pic

Monday, August 4, 2008

one ........ earing that is

we dont have a hard fast rule about ear piercing just that they have to be old enough to ask and understand what they are asking for (this vary's from child to child obviously,) and of course this does not apply to stock. Saylor has been saying she wants to get her ears pierced for about a year now. everytime we actually suggest following through with this request she responds with maybe "latter tonight" or "tomorrow" or just a plain old "latter." so this last saturday we were at the mall getting a couple gifts and she suddenly says i want to get my ears pierced ... today. after a year of discussing this issue nearly everyday with her we were thrilled. we get there and she picks out what she wants, she's excited and she sits in the chair so still and brave. gets one done .... and you guessed it wont do the other. i spend nearly an hour trying to calm the near seizing fit she is in before i surrendor to her and we leave with just one instead of two holes. it didnt really hurt that bad and she even admitted that the hurt went away fast but the fear of the second hurt (though small and short) was too much for her. so when and how she gets the other done will be done on her time as almost everything is. my guess is at least a year.

i think this may have been what threw me into sort of an emotional struggle. it made me realize just how hard the surgery will be as far as her fear and comprehension goes.

i have so much to blog about so be looking for a slam of posts before we are just posting surgery related stuff ...


The Belliston's said...

Oh! Poor thing! Hopefully she'll like the earring and want to get her other ear pierced!

Darla said...

So cute! Maybe she is just trying to bring back the 80's. Love it!