family pic

family pic

Sunday, August 17, 2008

doing much better ... thank you

this morning saylor has evaded going back to the OR. her mit stoma is draining again and though its not putting out much its putting out, a very good sign. she slept really well through the night and so we did as well. today she will get small sips of clear liquids. her color is coming back and her eyes are slowly returning to their natural blue, rather than the faded gray they have been. she is happier and more submissive to her challenges. she resists nearly every touch still but when it comes down to what we have to do she will do it and grit her teeth, we also can coax a smile! i will post more pics and another update later this afternoon. there is a sacrament service at 10:30-11 we are hoping to all make it!

thank you ... all of you! for all the love and support, the prayers, the faith, all the energy sent our way. we feel it, we believe in it too!

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