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family pic

Saturday, August 16, 2008

please continue to pray

we are experiencing a complication that should it not resolve by morning could mean back to the OR. both nate and i are very scared and nate is blaming himself. after our walk while getting saylor back in her bed (cause he is the steadiest and strongest) one of her tubes pulled out and after fixing it its still not draining properly, he feels like its his fault, its not. its just part of the plan. you cant hold a snowflake and expect it to not be changed. anyhow going back to the OR would be a major step back and we are worried. please continue to pray for us.


Kathy said...

Not good news! :( You're in our thoughts. Hope the problem is resolved by morning! And hope Saylor is in good spirits today! Hang in there!

Carol said...

We are still praying for all of you. Audrey, text me in the morning so I can let the sisters know how everything is. We will miss you. It won't be the same without you.

Anonymous said...

Just got up from my prayers for your family and wanted to check the blog to see how things are going...I guess my prayers aren't done.

Sierra said...

Hey, everything that happens does for a reason...Saylor is most likely the strongest person I know. She is an old soul to say the least. Everyone in the ward is praying for her. All of the love you she generates for everyone else is coming back to her.
Good Luck!