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family pic

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

how to hold down a wild animal ...

this is the calm after the storm believe it or not ...

its been a long day. started with a hic up in admitting. our instructions said to admit her to PCMC by 9am this morning and she was on their schedule yet for some reason they hadnt created a room for her on the right floor. so we did a bit of waiting in the morning shade next to the fountains out front for about an hour or so.

the morning was quiet challenging just as we had suspected with the insertion of the NG tube and an IV. we were able to get her some sedation in the form of versaid. didnt do much in the end, her inner animal overcame it pretty easily. i think all 6 adults in the room were pretty surprised at the strength within saylor and how difficult she was to hold down. such a strong kid! we got it down but not without punishment for it and the tearing of hearts.

currently all the flushing meds are being pushed through her NG and she is about half way done with them. lots of diahrea! so much fun. and one irritated bottom. her IV is doing ok its not in the best local but tomorrow during surgery a pic line will get put in. surgery will be aroud 12 or so. the surgeon is taking his easier case in the morning then the rest of the day for saylor. Aaron stopped by and spent a few hours with us and saylor even stayed with him so nate and i could leave and go pray to end our fast. i was growing very weary and had a fiercesome headache. feeling a little better now that i have just finshed dinner. Saylor also seems to be in a better mood and nate has been the rock!

saylor missed home ... and storie and stockton already!


Engrained Emotions said...

A- she looks so sad and worn out. Sounds like you had a difficult day. I'm so sorry. Doesn't seem fair! I think as a parent you can never prepare to watch your kids struggle!

I've thought about you and Nate all day today. Maybe you can get a sedative to endure the wait tomorrow??? J/K.

hang tough sista

The Belliston's said...

Oh, poor thing. I just feel so bad for her. I hope things go well today. We are praying for her!

Davina said...

sweet, sweet are such a firey little missy! and so full of wonderful things. I'm sorry you are feeling scared.